How to move through negative emotions

One of the common things I see in coaching is clients arriving in a tough spot. They share the story of what’s going on and how stuck they feel. They want to know the way out and when this feeling will pass. It’s such a human place. Who wants to feel those negative feelings of … Read more

How to embrace being a highly sensitive person

“You’re too sensitive.” “You need to grow a tougher skin.” “You’re made of sterner stuff than this.” Sound familiar? These phrases have been a part of my life experience and I genuinely thought something was wrong with me that I felt everything so deeply.   So what were some of the things that I experienced as … Read more

How to get rid of expectations

The dictionary defines an expectation as “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case.” It is then followed by the statement, “reality has not lived up to expectations.” Herein is the conundrum: how do you have a strong belief that something will happen without being so attached to it that you’re left … Read more

How your relationship to support impacts your progress

Over ten years ago I was in California on a leadership retreat. It was an experiential leadership training with the Coaches Training Institute and whilst I had done their coach training, I hadn’t fully understood the impact of learning in this way. I was used to academic learning. The pursuit of two different master’s degrees … Read more

Sunlit trees covered in snow. With text over that says 'How to set up lasting intentions for the New Year.

How to set up lasting intentions for the New Year

Do you recognise this cycle? It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re full of excitement for the possibility of a new year. You imagine all the dreams and possibilities. Fuelled by the happy hormones of excitement you define your new year’s resolutions. This year will be different. You’re determined to make it happen. The first week … Read more