Executive Leadership Coaching for Women

Embrace Your Leadership Potential,
Reclaim Your Authenticity,
and Leave a Legacy

You are an ambitious woman, naturally sensitive and intuitive, and you are ready to make a real difference in your career and in the world.

But you often find yourself holding back, doubting your abilities, and trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, frustration, and fear.

You have pushed harder and harder, striving to improve your weaknesses, but all this pushing has you feeling stuck, burned out, and unfulfilled.

I know this all too well

Vanessa May | Leadership Coaching for Women

I am Vanessa May and I get it. I too have exhausted myself striving for perfection, being everything that everyone needed me to be except for myself. I was stuck and frustrated, pushing myself past my limits personally and professionally.

One day I made the decision to grow beyond my fear and doubt, trusting that something better was waiting for me. My journey was transformational, and I found my calling - to empower woman ready for authentic change.

Now, in working with over one hundred women in leadership, I have gained unique insights and effective tools to help women lead from a place of sufficiency and personal strength.

I intuitively help clients to uncover core truths, and awaken positivity and possibility for women who have been made to feel small.

I found my sessions with Vanessa extremely insightful, eye-opening and transformative. She is an excellent listener and truly skilful in her ability to read body language and adapt to the information provided.

The sessions allowed me to develop my leadership skills, grow in confidence and become more assertive. An invaluable coaching experience which I would highly recommend, especially for the sceptics!

Marion, Transformation Director

Empowering women in leadership

I help women in leadership:

  • trust your intuition and set healthy boundaries
  • develop a depth of confidence and unwavering belief in your abilities
  • make courageous choices & take risks necessary for growth

You can be a woman AND you can lead, be yourself, have self-respect, and stand out in a positive way.

It is time to take ownership of your personal leadership vision, courageously step into your authentic self and creating ease and fulfilment in your endeavours.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Sovereign Executive Leadership Coaching for Women

Welcome to the Sovereign Executive Leadership Coaching programme, where I am your partner and guide on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Sovereign is a ground-breaking programme of leadership coaching and development for women that will help you cultivate a powerful relationship with your authentic self, reconnect with your intuition, and reclaim your confidence.

Discover tools for self-empowerment, self-advocacy and navigating the treacherous waters of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, workplace compliance, and comparison.

Discover how to lead with courage, harmony and authenticity, by embracing and integrating the full spectrum of who you are.

You have pushed harder and harder, striving to improve your weaknesses, but all this pushing has you feeling stuck, burned out, and unfulfilled.

“Vanessa saw right into the core of me, what I can be, and called me to be that and then some.

I am now connected to my life purpose, living the dream, playing large; have stepped into my power and have the courage to speak the truth. I have blossomed as a leader.”

Louise, Transformation Manager

Sovereign Executive Leadership Coaching for Women

Programme Inclusions

Sovereign is a step-by-step 6-month leadership development and executive coaching programme that will guide you through a profound transformational journey. You’ll delve deep into self-exploration, uncovering your authentic leadership style.

This is a highly personalised programme empowering you to overcome obstacles like fear, doubt and imposter syndrome that up until now, have caused you to stall and hold back your leadership. You will unlock your true potential and step into your leadership with confidence, conviction, and authority.

With this programme of leadership coaching for women you will get:

Leadership circle profile

Leadership Circle Profile Assessment
90-minute session for this powerful assessment.

Empowerment Coaching for Women

Leadership Coaching Sessions
11 x 60-minute executive leadership coaching sessions for women.

Ongoing access to Vanessa

Additional support
Work through new challenges with Vanessa between sessions, via WhatsApp or email.

Live Courageously - Vanessa May

A signed copy of my book!
“Live Courageously: A guide to living a brave and authentic life” delivered to your door.

Live Courageously Programme Workbook

The Sovereign Workbook
Delve into the framework with step-by-step exercises to take charge and set yourself up for success.

Sovereign Reflective Journal

Sovereign Reflective Journal
This 5 minute reflection journal will aid learning and sustain a growth mindset.

HeartMath Guided Breathing Meditation

Inner Balance Heartmath Sensor – value £188
Monitor your heartrate variability. Gain insights into your heart signals, wellbeing, & performance.

The Programme

Session 2:
Establishing Coherence

Leading authentically requires you to know how to direct your attention. You will experience more emotional balance, clarity, mental focus and resilience, and less anxiety and overwhelm with this grounding practice of self-regulation.

Session 3:

Foundational Strengths

High expectations, and a fear of not being enough creates constant pressure to prove yourself. Realising and leveraging your strengths helps release reactive energy so that you can step into confident and courageous leadership.

Session 4:
Discovering Balance

It is hard to focus clearly from a place of overwhelm. The Be Intentional Courage Audit will help you discern what’s driving you and what to prioritise to make meaningful change.

Session 5:
Leadership Values

Your values underpin your authentic leadership. Developing clarity on what is important to you as a leader and being able to prioritise ruthlessly will help build clarity and trust in your leadership impact.

Session 6:
Healthy Striving

Congruence as a leader is key. Determine what healthy striving is for you, take back control and set health boundaries so that you can perform at your best.

Session 7:
Boundaries & Authority

When you fear you are not enough, you unconsciously evoke an apologetic energy. Embracing your authority and boundaries helps you to stop the good girl/imposter syndrome and create sovereignty of self.

Session 8:
Personal Vision

Leadership requires clarity particularly to navigate the unknown. Tuning into your personal vision releases hope and excitement which drives motivation and action.

Session 9:
Creating Support

Asking for help is an act of leadership. Gain clarity around your network, what they have capacity for and how to create agreements for support.

Session 10:
Cultivating Resilience

Define resilience strategies and boost your resilience so that you can bounce-back and recover quickly from setbacks.

Session 11:


Accountability and authenticity are linked – they reinforce each other. Define practices that hold your accountability with compassion and clarity.

Session 12

Bringing it all together. Embedding learning & cultivating a practice mindset.

Tools to move on with clarity, vision, and purpose.

“The world is waiting for your unique voice, vision, and impact as a leader.
I invite you on a transformative journey to become the authentic and
impactful leader you are meant to be.”

- Vanessa May

Are you ready to embrace the fulfilling life you deserve?

I specialise in helping women to develop an empowering relationship with themselves so that they can listen to their intuition, stand in their authority, and have the impact they know they can have.

You will uncover and release the self-limiting beliefs or fears that have been holding you back, replacing them with a newfound sense of confidence and clarity.

By embracing your authenticity and stepping into your leadership potential, you will not only transform your own life but also inspire and uplift those around you.

Invest in your future success.

6 months of focused and committed personal growth.

UK: £4,000 + VAT

USA: approx. USD $5,055 (check today's rate)
approx. €4,675 (check today's rate)

Leadership Coaching FAQ

What is the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment?

Without awareness we cannot transform reactive fear-based patterns of behaviour. Discovering how your mindset and behaviours enable or constrain your impact and performance is vital for your growth and development. With new awareness, you can conquer fear and choose courage to consciously live and lead.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment is one of the most comprehensive leadership assessments available. It measures 18 well researched competencies alongside the inner states of being that underpin great leadership. These competences have been shown to be the most critical behaviours and skill sets for leaders.

The profile is a development tool that reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behaviour. This sets the scene for our coaching, helping you to laser in on key areas of growth for you enabling you to unfold your leadership potential even further.

What are the benefits of the Live Courageously Framework?

The Live Courageously Framework provides a multitude of benefits that will positively impact your professional and personal life.

Unleash Your Authenticity: Break free from the constraints that have been holding you back in your leadership. Sovereign will empower you to embrace your unique voice, values, and strengths allowing you to lead from a place of authenticity.

Courageous Leadership: Develop the resilience and courage needed to navigate challenges with grace and confidence. Sovereign will equip you with the tools to step out of your comfort zone, take risks, and inspire others through your fearless leadership.

Enhanced Influence: Gain a deep understanding of your leadership style, the internal assumptions that drive those behaviours and your impact on others. Through Sovereign you will refine your communication skills, build strong relationship, and amplify your influence in both professional and personal settings.

Lasting Transformation: The journey doesn’t end with Sovereign; it marks the beginning of a lifelong transformation. The insights and tools gained during this programme will continue to guid you on your leadership path, supporting your growth and impact after the coaching journey continues.