My clients say...

My clients say...

We all have crossroads and they can seem unfathomable. Vanessa kickstarts your thinking, challenges beautifully, gets you thinking in different ways and ultimately gives you a toolkit to help you navigate from.

Jayne, Marketing Director

Vanessa didn't buy into my internal story, she guided me ad showed me how to overcome what I'd been listening to for so long that was holding me back.

Karen, Entrepreneur

I'm now about to start a six week fitness challenge for fitness instructors and had my first yoga anatomy published for publication.

Janet, Business Owner

Vanessa saw right into the core of me, what I can be, and called me to be that and then some. I am now connected to my life purpose, living the dream, playing large; have stepped into my power and have the courage to speak the truth.

I have blossomed as a leader.

Marion, Transformation Manager

Vanessa's enthusiasm for the job that she does is contagious.

Her empathy towards her client is the unique quality that makes her stand out, and this approach makes her someone trustworthy, so you can bring out your true self with her.

I say ‘trustworthy’ because you as an individual need to be listened to non-judgmentally so you feel comfortable to share your personal story, and Vanessa was able to resurface my values and principles through my story.

She has encouraged me to see the other side of the precipice which I had been avoiding during a very difficult period of my life, and this has been truly transformative.

In short, Vanessa can guide, inspire and empower her clients to achieve their full potential.

Ronak, VC

Vanessa helped me align with what is truly important to me, she has been a mirror and a role model. She walks the talk!

Sonia, Executive Coach

Vanessa doesn't let you get away from yourself. Coaching with Vanessa means getting to know yourself more and it all starts there.

Louise, Accountant 

Vanessa has an amazing gift for helping you see your own light. And not just seeing it but locating it within yourself so that you can access it any time. Very powerful and highly recommended.

Claire, Teacher

I reached out to Vanessa when I hit a particularly sticky spot – THE STICKY SPOT – the big one, that’s been holding me back from stepping into the full expression of my work – and my life – for years.

Working with Vanessa was like having the shades pulled up on my life so the light could flood in – and it’s stayed in.

Working with her was like playing with colour and light, making new pictures out of old ones, seeing the same diamond that I see in myself – but approaching it from a completely new angle. I recommend her without reservation.

Amy, Business Owner

I can see a new found adventurism in my senior management team and we have shifted the focus of this team in a very positive way.  Vanessa challenges me and my people to have difficult conversations you don't always want to have as a CEO!

Michael, CEO

Vanessa has a natural gift for connecting with people and seeing right to the core of what they are dealing with. Working with Vanessa has had a significant and positive influence on both my professional and personal life.

Denise, Executive Coach

This experience has been transformational, even better than I'd hoped for.

Linda, GP