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Vanessa May

Courage Breakthrough Coaching


Courage coaching

 Unlock the magic of everyday courage

Are you a career-driven woman longing to rise to your full potential?

Are you ready to contribute what you know you’re capable of?

If you have ever shrunk back in the presence of loud, authoritative people, this free breakthrough session is for you!

Gain clarity, insights and break free from overthinking.

This breakthrough session will empower you to get clear about your mindset and emotional power gaps, to break free from procrastination, assert your presence and make impactful decisions with ease.

Make courage your constant companion on your journey to success.

Following my session with Vanessa this morning I was left with an incredible lightness of being. I did not realise how much I had been carrying. I now feel that I can find a way through my troubles and not let life’s frustrations take away my joie de vivre.

Karen, Practice Manager

The Courage Breakthrough

Session inclusions

The Courage Breakthrough, is a dynamic and empowering one hour session designed specifically for career women seeking to reignite their courage and confidence.

This condensed and impactful experience is designed to inspire you to clarify your vision, identify obstacles and invisible barriers, embrace your courage and set actionable goals.

HeartMath Guided Breathing Meditation

Anchoring in Courage

Guided meditation to centre in your leadership presence.

Meet Your Inner Authority Audio Visualisation

The Courage Reset Blueprint

Identify your vision, strengths, power gaps, power strategies and courageous commitments/actions.

This is your time, you deserve it, and you are worth it!

This is the sign you have been looking for.

I am paying-it-forward with these sessions, because we need more women to rise in leadership, and time is pressing.

I've resurfaced my values and principles and have seen the other side of the precipice which I've avoided during a very difficult period of my life and this has been truly transformative.

Ridhima, Branch Development Officer .

Courage Breakthrough  Coaching FAQ

Got me thinking in a different way and a toolkit to help you navigate from.

Jayne, Managing Director