Live Courageously Resources

Live Courageously Resources

Visualisations, Meditations & Guided Breathing

Please enjoy these free audio guided meditations/visualisations and breathing techniques.
Check back to see new resources as I add them.

HeartMath Guided Breathing Meditation

Heartmath Breathing Technique Audio Visualisation

The HeartMath breathing technique will help you gain ease, calm and space when faced with challenging situations and have the presence to choose how to respond.

The more responsibilities you have and moire mental load you carry, the more useful you will find this.

This breathing technique is eyes open. When you feel your buttons being pressed you can gain the power to change your emotional state quickly and effectively.

Audio meditation for courage

Dreaming for Non-Logical Thinkers Audio Visualisation

Do you struggle to articulate what you want?
Did you have plans that didn't pan out the way you intended?

Goal setting is a great methodology when you have a vision withouth clarity.

In this simple visualisation you will connect to your future self, 10 years from now and explore who she is, how her life has unfolded and the gifts she can offer you now in the present day.

Meet Your Inner Authority Audio Visualisation

Meet Your Inner Authority Audio Visualisation

Do you ever lose yourself in a life full of meeting other people’s needs?

I developed this audio visualisation with colleague and friend Gill Dore to help you discover the knowing part of you.

Until now this part might have been shy and suppressed just waiting to be discovered. You will connect with the sovereign within you, calling on her to lead, particularly when you feel yourself about to give your power away.

Courage Resources

Downloadable Resources and a Sample of my new Book!

Live Courageously Chapter 1

Why women need to break their own rules to live life free from fear and overwhelm.

Be Intentional Courage Audit

Clarify what is getting you stuck and areas of development to prioritise.

Heathly vs. Unhealthy Striving Habits

Explore the habits of thoughts feelings and behaviours that drive striving patterns.