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Courage coaching
Vanessa May

Claim your courage, break free and thrive!

Do you ever find yourself shrinking and hesitating? Even though you know you have so much more to offer?

This silent struggle is real, but you're not alone.

It's truly disheartening to hold yourself back, stiffling your thoughts and opinions. Being at our best requires tapping into emotional courage, taking daily actions toward our desires, even in the face of fear.

Welcome to the Courage Reset!

The Courage Reset is a short series of embodied coaching sessions rooted in the philosophy that courage is about taking small steps every day, each contributing to a change in perspective.

Tailored specifically for women navigating the complexities of their careers, this courage coaching program propels you from overthinking and  overwhelm to standing tall and embracing your natural confidence.

I have worked with other coaches before, but none like Vanessa, who gets to the core of an individual and brings out the best without you even realising what your best is.

Louise, Transformation Manager

Discover the 3 keys that unlock everyday courage

1. Anchor in Clarity - Laser in your brilliance: everyday courage involves centring in your presence and natural strengths.  From this place, asserting yourself at work, requesting that well-deserved raise or promotion, or gracefully saying "no" to projects is a natural process of aligning with your truth.

2. Authentic Alignment - Stand strong within: cultivating everyday courage means being intentional and taking subtle, yet powerful risks towards your vision - speaking up, engaging in crucial conversations or confidently pursuing your desired career path.  Being clear about your vision, your why and your values will support you to back yourself.

3. Courageous Action - Success with ease: everyday courage requires resilience. It will not all go according to plan, there will be setbacks but detaching these from your self-worth and identity is key to building resilience and progress.

Live Courageously Book - Courage Coaching - Vanessa May

I know myself and my values much better and I am learning to live a more courageous and authentic life as a result.

Charlotte Hall, Lawyer

The Courage Reset Coaching for Women

The Courage Reset, is a dynamic and empowering 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions designed specifically for women seeking to reignite their courage and confidence. This condensed and impactful experience is designed to inspire you to clarify your vision, identify obstacles and invisible barriers, embrace your courage and set actionable goals.

Session inclusions

HeartMath Guided Breathing Meditation

Anchor in Courage

Guided breathwork and presencing.

Meet Your Inner Authority Audio Visualisation

The Courage Reset Blueprint

Identify your vision, strengths, power gaps, power strategies and courageous commitments.

Live Courageously Programme Workbook

The Courage Reset Workbook

Reflect on the session with guided practices and journal prompts.


I've put sustainable changes in place in my everyday work to reduce the daily grind's effect on my ability to do my job. Simply the most useful time I've ever spent on my education or personal development.

Rachel Wells, Consultant Opthamologist

This is your time, you deserve it, and you are worth it!

See a different future for yourself.  Find out how.

Investment: £997 +VAT discounted for 2024 to £797 + VAT.
That's a £200 saving!

Courage Reset Coaching FAQ

I've reframed things and see them in a whole new light.

Shweta Singh, GP