Live Courageously: A guide to living a brave and authentic life

Live Courageously is for all those women who feel stuck in situations at work or at home.  

Whether you’re overwhelmed, pulled in a million directions, or navigating a crisis or disappointment in your work or life, you will face doubt that feels greater than your belief in yourself and new possibilities. It’s human.

Drawing on her own experiences and diverse stories and insights from 10 other women, Vanessa shows you how to become present, find clarity, simplify, and make empowered decisions.  Using interactive self-assessments and a series of step-by-step courage processes, you will discover your own authority and power to take steps towards what you want. 

Living courageously requires you to exercise your choice to embrace the unknown, walk through fear and doubt so that you can think, feel and do something different.  In doing so, you will discover new ways to access your intuition, find your opinion, support and advocate for yourself and become more of who you’ve been holding back. 

 Be courageous, be you.

Praise for Live Courageously...

This book shines a gentle yet powerful light on the experience of so many women. Vanessa
beautifully captures not just her own vulnerable experience of unfolding her past insecurities into
living more courageously, but also softly invites her readers to begin their own unfolding so that they
can stretch out and powerfully claim the space that their true self takes up. The case studies are
highly relatable, and a deep reflection of what many of us see in ourselves. This book is a must-read
for any woman who senses they need to shed the skin they’re in and re-emerge to own the shape
that’s stayed hidden within.

Christina Hutchinson, Mountain High Coaching

A relatable guide and support for all of us women out there. Very readable with easily applicable tools and advice; this is a book that I will certainly go back to in the future, many, many times!

Alice Watson-Smith, Fine & Country Managing Director