Live Courageously: A guide to living a brave and authentic life


"A must-read for any woman ready to stand in sovereignty, lead from truth and develop deeply authentic relationships..."

Live Courageously Book - Vanessa May

"Live Courageously” by Vanessa May is a captivating exploration of the transformative force that courage holds in our lives.

She proposes that courage requires self-empowerment and a deep understanding of our desires to live in alignment with our values.

This book addresses the common challenges that women face, such as self-doubt, people-pleasing, imposter syndrome, procrastination, emotional overwhelm and burnout, and offers profound insights and practical guidance using the Live Courageously Framework.

“Live Courageously” serves as a guiding light, empowering women to reconnect to your self, discover your authentic truths and consciously live and lead.

Praise for Live Courageously...

To live courageously is a practice and Vanessa May shows us the “how to” with a simple structure that can be easily incorporated into our daily lives. Vanessa shows us that the most important relationship we have in life is the one we have with ourselves.

Denise Chilton,
Executive Career & Leadership Coach,
Author of Suddenly Single.

This book shines a gentle yet powerful light on the experience of so many women.

Vanessa beautifully captures not just her own vulnerable experience of unfolding her past insecurities into living more courageously, but also softly invites her readers to begin their own unfolding so that they can stretch out and powerfully claim the space that their true self takes up. The case studies are highly relatable, and a deep reflection of what many of us see in ourselves.

This book is a must-read for any woman who senses they need to shed the skin they’re in and re-emerge to own the shape that’s stayed hidden within.

Christina Hutchinson,
Mountain High Coaching

We live at a time when the need to find ways to ground ourselves, stay focused and draw on our inner strengths has never been greater.  A time when understanding how we truly feel and what we really want, have become questions that need answering. And we need a process to help us to answer them – a live courageously process…..

Live Courageously brings the objective and structured (the Live Courageously Process) with the subjective (the collection of emotions unique to you).  This book also provides tools to support your journey and find the courage to carve out a plan of action that puts you first.”

Julie Starr,
Author of The Coaching Manual,
The Mentoring Manual and others.

A relatable guide and support for all of us women out there. Very readable with easily applicable tools and advice; this is a book that I will certainly go back to in the future, many, many times!

Alice Watson-Smith,
Fine & Country Managing Director