Vanessa May

My name is Vanessa May.

For the first half of my life, I unintentionally held back my leadership.

And I’m not talking about leadership as some role on the corporate ladder. I’m talking about leadership as the very essence of your soul – the way you consciously choose to live in relationship with yourself and others.

I tried to do everything right, to fit in and succeed. I thought I had to push myself to be better and gain other's approval.

But despite my best efforts, I was stuck, frustrated, and burnt out from pushing myself past my limits both professionally and personally. And I was bored, trapped it the same cycle and it seemed like I was losing myself. I wanted to have a greater impact, to make a difference, but I couldn't seem to step fully into my power on my own terms.

I had to make a decision. I could continue living this way and shove my wants and needs away forever, or I could decide to advocate for myself, own my authority, move through my fear and doubt trusting that my heart that something better would unfold on the other side.

And that’s what I did. I chose courage. I chose to invest in and back myself.

Now, I’m on a path of living an authentic life that aligns with my values. Instead of measuring my worth based on others’ opinions and acceptance of me I’m learning to be fulfilled by my own integrity.

I have become more skillful in using my intuition, instincts and sensitivity to guide me toward what I want. And perhaps the hardest part, I have had to build a loving and supportive relationship with myself so that I can embody a confident state that doesn't waver when others react. I have learnt to have my own back and believe in my quirky, free range, creative nature.

My self-leadership journey is exactly what led me to create Courage Unfolding. It is my passion to use my lived experience and qualifications to help a community of strong, capable women get out of their own way and live the lives they want at home and at work.

I have an intuition for supporting clients to uncover core truths.

I help bright, open hearted, intuitive and soulful women liberate the fear and doubt that holds them back, keeping them stuck and stagnating.

These women are smart and care deeply about their work, the systems they operate in and the people that surround them.  But they're frustrated because they've reached an upper limit, they're not fully being themselves or making the difference they know they're meant to.

They want to stop slogging it out, pushing to make everything work in the hope that they will prove themselves worthy. They want to connect to their authenticity and find natural ease, confidence and impact. They long to rise up and find greater professional and personal success, calm and fulfillment.  

I am living proof that although it can feel scary and hard, change is possible, and I’m here to walk with you on your own journey of unfolding your courage.

If you’ve seen yourself in any of these words, I invite you to read more about how I can help you.


My Clients Say...


Working with Vanessa was like having the shades pulled up on my life so the light could flood in – and it’s stayed in.

I recommend her without reservation.

Amy, Business Owner


  • 2023

    Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certification

  • 2020

    The Power of Embodied Transformation

  • 2019

    Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (EFTMRA)
    Organisation Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSC) Certification
    Human Synergistics Certification of Accreditation

  • 2018

    Kilmann Diagnostics Advanced Training in Conflict Management
    Mental Health First Aider Training, MHFA
    Organisation Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Training Series

  • 2017

    Breathwork Practitioner
    Vinyasa Flow Yoga RYT 200 Hours

  • 2016

    Licensed Heartmath Coach

  • 2015

    Shamanic Practitioner

  • 2013

    Professional Certified Coach

  • 2012

    Associate Certified Coach ICF
    Realise 2 Accreditation Practitioner Programme

  • 2011

    Co-active Leadership Programme

  • 2009

    Certified Professional Co-active Coach

  • 2007

    NLP Business Practitioner Programme
    EQI Accreditation Programme
    Advanced Coaching Supervision

  • 2004

    Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring OSCM Oxford Brookes University

  • 1999

    MSc Organisational Behaviour Birkbeck University

  • 1994

    MA Managing Human Resources Kingston University