Life and Leadership
with courage and heart

My name is Vanessa May,

I provide leadership and life coaching for women who are ready to rediscover their suppressed, forgotten self and step into the power of living and leading with authenticity.

An authentic life is equal parts fulfilling, terrifying, joyful and colourful. You trust your intuition and inner guidance system. You have confidence and clarity in your direction, actions and choices. You are willing to be imperfect. Your heart is open and focused on what really matters. You are brave in the face of fear, even if your hands are shaking. You experience more. You are present.

You finally feel ALIVE!

I offer coaching for women who are faced with the greatest of challenges, the journey to self-discovery. If you are ready to open the door to living with true authenticity, you are ready to see where your potential will take you - and I am ready to walk that road with you.

To help you be courageously, authentically you.

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Life Coaching for Women

For women who want to rediscover their authenticity, aliveness and make meaningful change.

Executive Coaching for Women

Coaching for women who want to rise, stand out and claim their authentic voice and leadership.

My Clients Say...


Vanessa is very energetic, generous, creative and extremely resourceful. Working with her, I’ve felt supported and encouraged. She has helped me align with what is truly important to me, she has been a mirror and a role model.

She walks the talk!

I have had lots of insights with her and great guidance in creating my new business, as well as lots of laughter. I definitely recommend her!

Sonia, Executive Coach