Discover the potential already within.

I help women choose courage so they can live and work with authenticity.

My name is Vanessa May and my commitment is to live courageously, colourfully, freely and fully. It’s an ongoing practice that takes time and hard work, but it’s worth it.

I started Courage Unfolding to help women connect to their inner wisdom and bravery so they can stop holding themselves back and grow in their leadership.

The truth is life is too short to not find fulfillment in your work and at home. You are worth more than what you've settled for.

Work with me to unveil the gifts you already hold within and unfold your courage step-by-step.

Bloom Leadership Coaching

Break free from what’s been holding you back and blossom into your true self
with this 6-month leadership coaching programme.

My Clients Say...

I have worked with other coaches before, but none like Vanessa, who gets to the core of an individual and brings out the best. Without you even realising what your best is. Are you brave enough to get under the skin? It is tiring work but worth it. I wish I would have met her sooner.

Linda, GP