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Welcome to Courage Unfolding

Do you ever feel your greatness is constrained, desperately trying to break free?

Do you suffer from self-criticism, and a nagging disbelief that you truly deserve what you desire?

As career women, the pressure to meet expectations can be overwhelming.

Many women hold back from speaking up, asking for help, declining projects or making bold decisions.

Many women miss out on the balance, joy, raises, promotions and acknowledgment they deserve, year after year.

I know this all too well...

In my journey, I realised I had to break free or I would never feel satisfied with the path my life was taking.

I took a leap into the unknown and discovered a pathway to gain liberation from self-sabotage, embrace imperfection, and find the courage I needed to thrive authentically on my own terms.

I cultivated the courage to shape my career on my terms.

I now empower women like you to break free from the chains of self-doubt, reclaim your voice, and step boldly into your own authority.

I'm here to help you thrive more and feel better.

Your courage is like a muscle. Use it, or you may lose it.

Unlock you true potential, speak up and be seen.

Coaching for Women

Coaching for Women

Courage Reset Coaching
for Women

Do you sense there's more confidence inside you but you're shrinking back and not fully backing yourself?

This is a 6 week emobodied coaching series to unleash natural confidence and epic results.

Sovereign Executive Leadership Coaching for Women

Do you sometimes inadvertently hand over your power, disconnecting from your greatness and authority?

This is a 6 months embodied leadership coaching programme to embrace your authentic self, activate inner courage and build agency and self-advocacy.

Live Courageously Book

Live Courageously Book


"A must-read for any woman ready to stand in sovereignty, lead from truth and develop deeply authentic relationships..."

Are you one of the many women struggling with self-doubt, people-pleasing, imposter syndrome, procrastination, emotional overwhelm or burnout?

I wrote “Live Courageously” as a guiding light, empowering you to reconnect to your self, discover your authentic truths and consciously live and lead.

My Clients Say...

“Vanessa saw right into the core of me, what I can be, and called me to be that and then some. I am now connected to my life purpose, living the dream, playing large; have stepped into my power and have the courage to speak the truth. I have blossomed as a leader.”

Marion, Transformation Manager

“This experience has been transformational, even better than I'd hoped for.”

Linda, GP

“Vanessa has a natural gift for connecting with people and seeing right to the core of what they are dealing with. Working with Vanessa has had a significant and positive influence on both my professional and personal life.”

Denise, Executive Coach