Why your future won’t be found in the past

I noticed that over the past year I could find my heart and thoughts being drawn back to the past. Sounds, sights and smells would take me back to a remembering of life before my divorce, of a time when my income felt secure in employment, and I took my health and fitness for granted.

2022 was a rollercoaster of a year for me, full of emotions, unexpected turns, disappointments, failures and delights. During my review of the year, I felt a yearning that wasn’t the familiar one of goal-directed achievement. This feeling is more of wanting peace and acceptance in my heart and mind. 

Part of that inner peace is linked to the letting go of what’s passed and the acceptance of what yet is to unfold. 2023 sees the publication of my book Live Courageously. This writing project has been like an accumulative lived experience. It’s taken hours of writing and re-writing and I’ve felt so many things ranging from terrified to proud.  

But the writing of the book is done and with it comes an awareness that my future will not be found in reflecting on the past. My future lies with each step I place and to do this requires me to be fully present in this moment, trusting that the magic lives in the unknown.

I’m choosing to have better mental boundaries with myself in 2023. Being sensitive, in the past, I’ve allowed my emotions to overwhelm me. I know that I am more than my feelings and thoughts. I, like you, am a soul that longs for full expression whilst secretly harbouring doubt and fear of being too much and not enough.

So, to support me to keep my vibration and positivity up, I have written on my noticeboard MY FUTURE WILL NOT BE FOUND IN MY PAST. I am setting boundaries with myself to let go of self-limiting thoughts. I am choosing to stay connected to my body and notice the sensations within it, helping me to stay anchored and grounded in the present moment.

And I’m allowing myself to dream again. I am embodying chapter seven of my book and reimagining my dreams. I’ve visited my future self and gained insight and wisdom and I’m sharing with you a recording so that you can do the same, should you wish to.

My invitation is for you to discover your future whilst also being anchored in the present moment. It’s a dance that requires focused attention and a constant coming back to the steps when you forget them.