Sunlit trees covered in snow. With text over that says 'How to set up lasting intentions for the New Year.

How to set up lasting intentions for the New Year

Do you recognise this cycle? It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re full of excitement for the possibility of a new year. You imagine all the dreams and possibilities. Fuelled by the happy hormones of excitement you define your new year’s resolutions. This year will be different. You’re determined to make it happen. The first week … Read more

How to get out of overwhelm

Overwhelmed by everyday things Kate is a character from the first chapter in the book I am writing.  She comes to coaching complaining of working long days and feeling emotionally drained.  In her mid-forties, she is at an age where her hormones are wreaking havoc on her and are impacting her quality of sleep. She … Read more

Dare to let your inner critic out for the day.

Imagine you gave your inner critic full permission to say whatever the hell it wanted to during your day… You drop something, “ooh you stupid shit” You say something in a meeting, and a few people snigger, “ha, see what you’ve done now.  You’ve really shown yourself up. They think you’re dumb.” You don’t say … Read more

Track your simple moments of everyday courage

I woke up this morning with a simple and clear message for myself. Stop asking “how can I help?” Start asking “what do you need?” I have been around this loop many times and I’ve nailed it with clients and colleagues but with my daughters it still can be hard.  There’s still a part of … Read more

Make your second lockdown easier

Vanessa May · Make Your Second Lockdown Easier   We got through the first lockdown with cheers for the NHS and the knowledge that summer was on its way.  But now we’re heading for winter, days are darker and there’s the awareness that a clear end in sight is unlikely until a vaccine is available. … Read more

Supercharge your gifts

Vanessa May · Supercharge Your Gifts   Discovering core truths, aliveness and authenticity really matters to me. I believe we humans have a short earth walk and sometimes our conditioning has us hold back expressing our gifts.  Bronnie Ware in her book, The Regrets of The Dying identified the number one regret amongst her palliative … Read more

How on earth do you just be you?

Vanessa May · How On Earth Do You Just Be You?   “Just be you” Yesterday, I was reading an interview with actress Sofie Gråbøl about what she’s learnt. The article ended with the following comment: “I hate it when people say, “Just be you”, it is the worst advice – how do you do … Read more

What to do instead of comparing yourself to others

Vanessa May · What To Do Instead Of Comparing Yourself To Others “Comparison is the thief of joy” Many of us have heard Theodore Roosevelt’s quote “comparison is the thief of joy.” But in a land where we are surrounded by perfected images, fear-based narratives and push based marketing strategies it can be easy to … Read more