3 simple steps to rediscover happiness at work

You’re not sleeping well. You used to work out and meditate but don’t feel motivated.

Your main concern is your work performance, but you get distracted easily and working from home isn’t helping with your motivation.

You feel stuck, bored, and less competent, and you want to feel happier without turning that want into yet another goal on your to-do list. 

But you feel guilty even thinking this way. With a good job and security, you should just be happy, you think to yourself. 

Does this sound familiar to you?

Here are 3 simple steps to rediscover your happiness at work:


1. Anchor yourself with a Heartmath breathing practice


You have power over your internal emotional state despite any externalities. 

The beauty of breath practice is that it helps to regulate the nervous system whilst also putting attention on feelings of love and appreciation. 

When you can calm down and relax your body and brain and focus on feelings of gratitude in the midst of external chaos, you can teach yourself that you’re able to draw on and experience these positive feelings without anything changing externally. 


2. Define what happiness means to you


What does happiness mean to you? What does happiness at work look and feel like? 

Recall one specific moment in the past when they felt happy at work. Identify the qualities embedded within this experience – were you alone, with others? What were you doing? What values and strengths were being represented at this moment?



3. What would support you to be happy at work? 


Feeling at ease and having reflected on what happiness looks and feels like for you, imagine what steps you need to take to be happy at work.

Rarely does the answer lie in doing more. You might desire to slow down and be more grounded and present at work. To spend quality time with your team, exploring ideas, listening and connecting.  

Ask yourself, what are you prioritising right now? Identify what needs to change to allow for these moments of happiness. 

We spend 2080 hours per year at work on average. You deserve to feel happiness and joy in all of that time. 

So next time you feel disconnected, defeated or overwhelmed, remember these 3 simple steps:


  • Ground yourself with breath practice
  • Define what happiness at work would look and feel like
  • Ask what would support you to prioritise your own happiness at work



Feeling resistance to this exploration because you feel stuck in your current circumstance at work? Let’s talk and see what your first step is to unstick yourself.