10 affirmations to help recovering perfectionists

Sometimes we are unkind in the way we talk to ourselves. We hold up high ideals and expectations and when we struggle or fail to meet them, we can give ourselves an incredibly hard time whilst pretending to the outside world we’re fine. We wear a fixed smile that belies the truth of what’s going on.

Perfectionism is one of the ways I can use to try and avoid my fear of being rejected. We procrastinate and delay actions in the hope that we can get everything right and perfect and thus avoid rejection. 

Here are 10 affirmations to support you through those times when your head would prefer you to wait, hide and not be seen.

  1. No one is perfect
  2. I bring the best of myself to situations
  3. I trust in myself
  4. I claim my bigger self
  5. I own my power and claim my authority
  6. I am free to be as messy as I want to
  7. Failure is my best opportunity to grow
  8. I choose to take up space for myself
  9. Whatever I am feeling in this moment, is ok
  10. I can choose peace in my heart

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