The Exhaustion Trap: Overcome the habit that keeps you slogging it out.

What drives your exhaustion?

It’s a relentless cycle. You push and slog it out to keep up or get ahead. You can’t switch off because there’s always something else to focus on and achieve. You juggle work and home, and your boundaries blur with hybrid working. You enjoy the flexibility of working from home, but it’s even harder to switch off from everyone else’s stuff. You feel like you’re burning out; the only choice is to keep going.

The pushing is fuelled by thinking you must keep proving yourself at work. You expect yourself constantly to be great. You think your work will speak for you; therefore, if you do more, you will be seen as worthy of promotion or recognition. And then there’s the doubt. It’s confusing and conflicting. You’re capable and confident in your work, but your confidence wavers when dealing with authority, advocating for yourself or having critical conversations. In those moments, you default to pleasing, holding back your truth and worrying too much about what others may think about you. 

Why is it challenging to stop the cycle? 

The bottom line is that habits are hard to break, especially if you don’t know what’s driving your behaviour. Awareness is the first step, acknowledging that your striving habits are unhealthy.  

Your pushing habits drive you past your boundaries, causing you to take on more when your body signals for rest and renewal. You seek quick fixes like sugary snacks or caffeine, which compels you to remain glued to your computer, neglecting your physical activity and impeding the revival of your energy reserves. It’s also what is affecting the quality of your sleep.

What can you do about it?

  1. Identify your striving habits with my free download Live Courageously Starter pack here.
  2. Acknowledge that the belief that to succeed, you must keep proving yourself is not only counterproductive but detrimental to your overall well-being. Challenge this limiting belief and discover a more empowering one that doesn’t require you always to be great and perfect.
  3. Adopt a more balanced approach to achieving your goals. Remember, sustainable success requires a foundation of self-care, efficient strategies, and a belief in the power of a well-rested and empowered self.

Are you exhausted and want to know more about anchoring into a natural confidence and ease state? Why not book a complimentary clarity session where we can explore your unhealthy striving habits and find priorities to live courageously on your terms while still achieving epic results?