Life Coaching for Women

Are you ready for meaningful change?

You are standing at a crossroads...

You have done the courses.
You have read the books.
You know what you should do to change your life.
You probably know how to do it too!

But something has been holding you back.
Preventing you from taking action.
Stopping you from really stepping into your power.

It could be self-sabotage.
Or a fear of the unknown.
Or you feel like you don’t deserve it.
Maybe you lack clarity about what you want from life.
Or you are just pulled in too many directions with too many responsibilities.

Life is not working out to plan, or if it is the plan, perhaps you need a new plan. Maybe the plan is the problem.
You doubt yourself.
You doubt everything.
And sometimes you even feel like an imposter.

But despite everything that has happened, something is driving you to seek change… to seek guidance and a new path. You know that what you want is waiting for you to make it happen. And here you are, right now, reading this sentence.

My name is Vanessa May 

I know that life can be complicated, distracting and loud.

And we are often bombarded with measures…
Measures of success.
Measures of beauty.
Measures of what it means to be a daughter, a girl, woman, a wife, a mother, a colleague, a boss, and a friend.

life coaching for women - Vanessa May
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It is no surprise with all of these judgements that many women lose touch with their inner guidance system. It is overwhelming. We forget our gifts and fail to recognise our strengths. We repress our intuition. We care too much what others think. We struggle.

BUT! That drive you have to search for answers, IS your inner guidance system. Your intuition IS correct. There IS a path and a journey that will give you the life you are looking for. It is the journey to discover your authentic self. To live courageously as your authentic self.

When you live as your authentic self, life flows.

There is no question about who you are and what you stand for. You open the door to wholehearted joy, love and happiness.

You are confident in your actions.

Great things happen around you. You handle the ups and downs of life with ease.

The path is clear.

I work with open hearted, open minded women who are ready to create an authentic life.

I work with women who are ready to discover what their truth is, and then grasp the courage to voice it.

To live and breathe their truth.

I work with women who are ready to make a difference in the world, who are ready for more love, connection, colour and flow, who are ready to reconnect with what really matters.

I am dedicated to helping you discover how to live with authenticity.

How to live and lead your life with your heart, head and actions in alignment.

Leadership with courage and heart.

It is my great privilege and honour to see this work unfold.
To see your courage unfold.

If you are ready to do this inner work, that will ultimately shape your outer world,
I am ready to work with you.

My Clients Say...

I have worked with other coaches before, but none like Vanessa, who gets to the core of an individual and brings out the best. Without you even realising what your best is.

Are you brave enough to get under the skin? It is tiring work but worth it.

I wish I would have met her sooner.

Louise, Transformation Manager


How does this life and leadership coaching programme work?

We will work together for six months, meeting twice a month. I provide leadership and life coaching services online via Zoom for women worldwide.

In person, I am a life coach in Surrey in the UK, if you wish to work with me face to face.

We will do deep work in our sessions, and together we will create assignments that will help you make the change a reality. This may include reading, specific exercises, new practices etc. and is entirely customised to you and where you are at in your journey.

What does life coaching for women cost?

I offer women two life coaching packages, available worldwide.

Life coaching: 3 months £1050
Life coaching: 6 months £2000

Life coaching inclusions:

  • 2 x 60-minute Zoom coaching sessions each month.
  • Unlimited Email - Access to support via email within 24 hours of a business day.
  • Laser Sessions - Sometimes you need a short call to be seen in the face of fear. If you text me, I call my clients at my first availability within the business week.

Benefits of life coaching for women

Get clear on your priorities, how to overcome your obstacles and the tools and accountability to build confidence and achieve your goals.

HeartMath tools, how to anchor and ground yourself, raise your EQ, and get out of overwhelm in the moment. This allows you to get out of overthinking and find a clear path forward.

Language mapping habits - situation + chosen response = outcome. When you find your habitual response loop, you can make positive changes. You can find the precursor to your thought process and make changes that ultimately have you overcome your obstacles.

Tame your inner critic - identify and learn new tools to handle and overcome your imposter phenomenon. You can find simple and easy access to the wisest part of you and creating a safe place for the inner critic as you engage with bold and courageous changes in your life.

What does a life coach do?

There are many names for what I do, a life and leadership coach, authenticity coach, confidence coach, career coach or online life coach for women! I see my coaching role as a relationship based on equals walking side by side on a journey. The aim is that you experience partnership and support when facing the things that are holding you back. To help you discover your own authentic self, and how to be yourself in your world.

Your ideal life coach will help you see where you go when you’re stuck, scared or vulnerable, and rather than tell you what to do – they help you recognise your automatic ways of being, and discover your own answers.

You get to have someone there with you, who is able to see and hold the space for your greatness, ready for you to step (or leap) into it.

Life coaching for women - what do you specialise in?

I specialise in life coaching for women who are facing big life changes, whether those changes are chosen, or have been thrust upon you.

For example:

  • Women who are facing promotions or challenges at work.
  • Women who are looking for a career change, or a return to the workforce after children or time away.
  • Women who are reinventing themselves after divorce or health issues.
  • Women who are swept up and too busy, with too many responsibilities – who want to create an intentional life path.

In every case we will work to discover your authentic voice and give you the courage to live true to yourself. In my experience, those willing to discover and live with authenticity, create impactful and often life-changing results.

I find it humbling and exciting to be part of each women’s journey.

What kind of outcomes are possible from leadership and life coaching for women?

Each women’s life coaching experience is different! But the outcomes can be similar and include:

Clarity – rediscover what you really want and why.

Understanding – gain insight into what is really holding you back, and recognise your triggers and unconscious, automatic ways of being.

Practices – embed practices that will get you unstuck and give you power in your actions.

Sustainable processes – do life in a way that will help you sustain a vision and avoid burnout.

Confidence – experience a new sense of self and confidently take on new challenges.

Worthiness –  measure your success by your own evaluations, and be authentically, confidently you.

Peace and fulfilment – when you are able to breath and live intentionally from a place of authenticity, peace, joy and fulfilment are a natural outcome!

How do we begin?!

It is important that we are a good fit! For this reason I offer a free initial conversation/consultation where we can discuss your goals and desired outcomes and see if we both feel we connect in the right way. If it feels right for us to make some magic, I will send you a discovery questionnaire and the real work can begin!