Pt. I: Navigating doubt as you step into your becoming

Join us virtually on Thursday, December 7, 2022, from 1-2 p.m. GMT.

This webinar is best for...

Women who...

  • Feel overwhelmed by life, work, and emotion
  • Are sweating the small stuff
  • Feel like their anxiety is driving their overthinking, avoidance, and procrastination
  • Are trying to attain perfection and achieve balance
  • Get caught worrying about the future or ruminating in the past
  • Are unable to work towards goals


What you'll learn...

A simple practice to simplify and clarify your thinking so you can...

  • Manage the internal doubt and emotional overwhelm
  • Anchor yourself in the present to ride out the emotional wave
  • Step out of reactivity and allow choice to open up
  • Draw on your inner strength and resourcefulness
Executive Coaching for Women

About your host...

Vanessa May
Confidence & Courage Coach, PCC, ORSCC, MSc, MA, FCIPD, Courage Unfolding

I provide leadership and life coaching for women who are ready to rediscover their suppressed, forgotten self and step into the power of living and leading with authenticity.

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